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Catholic Life and Mission


The key attributes of a Catholic school


- Education and formation of young people as sons and daughters of God

- Creating young adults in the image of God

- Places of experiencing of God's love Life long learning for all in the school community

- Preparing them for lives as Christian's in the modern world

- Working with partners to achieve the common good



How is a Catholic school different? 

Our schools:

- Celebrate daily worship

- Collaborate with the local parish and the archdiocese 

- Offer more religious education (10% of the school timetable)

- Shape children in charity and giving of self, helping them to think of others first 


Religious Education


At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, we believe and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. You will find us to be loving, caring and spiritual. We value and respect all; growing and learning together as part of God’s family, to be the best we can be. The children are educated in our Catholic Faith and Values and follow a programme of learning called Come and See.


Our Religious Inspection by the  Archdiocese of Liverpool graded us an outstanding Catholic school: 



St. Joseph’s School is Outstanding in providing Catholic Education.



The extent to which the pupils contribute to and benefit from the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding.


The quality of provision for the Catholic Life of the school is outstanding;

Leaders and governors are outstanding in promoting, monitoring and evaluating the provision for the Catholic Life of the school.  


The extent to which pupils achieve and enjoy their learning in Religious Education is outstanding;

The quality of teaching, learning and assessment in Religious Education is outstanding;





St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Wrightington


‘Living Life to the Full’

John 10:10


Aims and Objectives:


To be a community where the message of Jesus is truly alive:


  • By welcoming everyone into our school and treating them as we would like to be treated;
  • By saying our daily prayers, following the example of Jesus;
  • By being ready to forgive and to be forgiven;
  • By recognizing the beauty of God’s world.


To look after each other so that we can always do our best:


  • By knowing that we are all different and accepting and celebrating these differences;
  • By knowing what we have to do to make our work better;
  • By celebrating our gifts and talents during achievement assemblies.


To look after each other so that we can always do our best:

  • By joining in with what is happening at home, at church and in our local area;
  • By using our talents to help people who are not as lucky as we are both in our own country and around the world.
  • By learning about the lives, faiths and cultures of others.

RE Statement:

The Governors and Staff of St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School recognise that they work to educate the children in their care in a range of ways; at the centre of this is the spiritual and moral development of the children, particularly in the Catholic faith.

In fulfilment of our Mission Statement, Living life to the Full, the aim of Religious Education at St Joseph’s school is to provide a Religious Education programme which will take into account the religious and educational needs of our children.

It will enrich the faith of those supportive Catholic homes, but it will also support those for whom the school may be their first and perhaps only experience of church.