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Attendance and Punctuality at St Joseph's



Our attendance rate in 2018/2019 (the last academic year which was not impacted by the COVID pandemic) was 96.67% , compared with Lancashire and National averages which are 96% and 95.8% retrospectively.  Schools are measured on their attendance figures as well as their attainment and test results.


  • When a child has a day off we must be notified by a parent or carer as to why.  This can be a note or a telephone call.  A child returning to school after an absence will be marked as unauthorised absence until we receive a valid explanation.
  • If your child is saying they do not feel well and you are unsure about whether it warrants a day off please send them to school.  If they are truly ill we will ring you.
  • If your child has to have a medical or dental appointment in school time please do your best to have it after 2pm and then your child can have their registration mark for the afternoon before you pick them up. If it needs to be a morning appointment please try and bring them to school first to get their mark and then return them to school afterwards.
  • Please be aware that if you child arrives after 9.15am (when the registers close) this will be marked as an unauthorised absence.


         'Leave' in school time


  • If you need to request 'leave' in term time there has to be exceptional reasons as to why the leave needs to be taken then.  I will not be able to grant permission if the reason is cost as it is the same for everyone.  Please do not book a holiday and then ask permission.