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What are the arrangements for supporting children in moving phases of education?


Starting school:


Transition events are planned for the new September Reception intake early in the year. A meeting is held with the head teacher – when the children go up to class. There is an opportunity here for parents to meet with the School Nurse and the School Cook to discuss any dietary requirements. This afternoon is then followed be several ‘stay and play’ afternoons, when the children will go into class to meet and play with their new classmates. There is also an opportunity for parents to come into school with their little one for a school lunch.


Transition within school:


Transition arrangements are put in place in the summer term to plan appropriate visits to the next class and to meet the new teacher, although as St. Joseph’s is a mixed class school, the child may already be in the class with their next teacher. Directed time is given to teachers in the final term to have a transfer’ meeting in which the needs of all pupils are discussed and assessment records and information are passed on; although the above may be applicable.


Transition to High School:


St. Joseph’s has very strong links with St. Peters High School, Orrell, as most of our year 6 children continue their education at this school. Records of children with SEND are given to the school with other transfer documents. The SENDCo from the transfer school is invited to attend the final primary review of children with an EHC Plan which is held in the Spring term. SEND records for children who transfer to other educational establishments have their records forwarded with other transfer details. Extra transition visits are arranged when necessary. St. Peters also hold summer schools for identified pupils.